Why I love Rachel Mcadams

As an ardent supporter of Rachel McAdams, I know I’m speaking for millions of dudes out there who keep their eyes on the ground hoping to catch the latest buzz on who the actress is going out with, what she is wearing, and basically what she just happens to be doing on a particular day. Now, she likes to keep her life mysterious, which only adds to our fascination and love for her.

Now that you know that we share our love for this Canadian beauty, isn’t ‘why’ the most pertinent question of the hour? Well, then let’s go in:


She is stunningly gorgeous

Incredible to think McAdams is 37 at the moment. I mean, looking at those hazel eyes and high cheekbones, you would be hard pressed to suggest that she might be even a minute older than 25. In addition to that, she has this on-camera presence that literally holds you spellbound for as long as you are looking. Throw in the killer smile and you got yourself a major league winner. Definitely, for me she is.


And it’s not all beauty, too

McAdams did not make it up there by just being a bombshell brunette who also likes to go blonde and red at times; she has worked long and hard to get where she is today. We know for a fact that she was figure-skating at the age of four. By the time she was 12,Rachel was acting, something she did all through her schooling years. However, she never believed talent was enough, going back to school for a Bachelor of Fine Arts program. In 2001, She graduated from York University in Toronto, Ontario with a BFA. Now, there is something infinitely attractive about a woman that knows her books, wouldn’t you agree?

She cares about mother nature and the human race by extension

For a long time, our glamor girl chose to go vegetarian to showcase her dedication to ensuring that the human race does not get blown away in a nefarious cosmic event…ha, got you, didn’t I? My point is, Rachel chose to live the daring life of a vegetarian in order to show empathy to animals. I mean, she can hire any chef she wants and eat at whatever hotel tickles her fancy but she chose to starve herself on pasta. She did deviate from that way of life back in 2012 but we have to cut her some slack as the decision was apparently informed by health reasons.


Girl has some strong stand

In November 2005, Amy Van Iden, who was McAdams’ publicist at the time, arranged for a little photo shoot session with Vanity Fair magazine. Nothing wrong with a photo here and there but this one event had a catch to it-Rachel was expected to parade around in the buff and have cameramen snap away gleefully. The actress learned about the plot at the last minute and fled in a huff, leaving a fired Iden in her wake. Just goes to show that the True Detective star won’t do anything just for the money and fame. Way to go girl.


A home for splendid concrete design

Over the last few years, my friends have been all over the place trying to persuade me to quit the millennial life and find a way of getting my own home. At times, we are at the local café and one of my pals goes, ‘Look ,Jon, there has never been a better time to start living in your own home. You need to go out there and find something to grow old in’. Well, I’m not growing old any soon, but I have started to think that my friends are on to something here.

Which brings us to the current situation, where I’m scrambling all over the internet looking for something I might consider putting my money on .Come to think of it, the search is not going too bad either, and soon I think I will be joining the 67% who live in the places they own.

See ,I have always been a major fan of concrete houses, and I just stumbled on this site, Unikastenhus.com whose owners design precisely that.


A stylish view of the outside

Hanging balconies do it for me. I mean, they are more than just metal, wood and concrete. To me, they are an art and a place from which to gaze at the world. The Swedish mansion on this site offers precisely that and more; the balconies I saw were really spacious too.

They come with wooden ovens

These ones have been laid out exquisitely, allowing the owner to basically just pile logs and throw them in one after the other when the house needs warming up.

A combination of Japanese and Swedish styles

The mansion on here has been designed by Ola Torrång and from what I see, this is one architect with a sense of taste. They basically take Swedish charm and combine it with Japan’s eye for simplicity, and the combination is splendid in the most devastating way possible.


The sense of dimension that comes with this approach basically won me over. Like many other features, it has been well thought-out and executed in a way that makes a mockery of cramped places.


An open floor approach

Ola Torrång seems to be a stickler for open spaces. I mean, everything in the designs has been created with space in mind. The open floor plan means that things feel fresh and that people in one room can converse with those in other rooms. If you are, say, a parent who needs to do the dishes and at the same time watch over the kids as they do their homework or just goof around, this is the type of house for you. I find the approach even more appealing because it allows the owner to sort of manipulate natural lighting and keep the room airy.

Winter garden for those who like to get their hands dirty

Fruits and vegetables are a favorite for many, and I find the idea of a garden at the back pretty appealing.

Winter garden

Mirror-filled big domes

This technical aspect is spectacular for two reasons; first, it is appealing, incredibly so, and secondly, it plays to the idea of trapping natural light to certain focal points.

At about 7 centimeters thick, and reinforced by means of rebar, I think the walls of this house assure me of a pretty fat ROI.


Eating Avocado Daily for Skin

Surprising benefits of Avocado on the skin

For a long time, Avocado was known as a product that only grew and was used in the deep areas of South Central Mexico. Over the years, its usage has spread around the world and the fruit is now available in pretty much every part of the world. It has proven as an effective remedy for a number of issues, and its effect on the skin is widely touted. While some people apply it directly on the skin, others simply eat avocado daily for their skin.

the benefits avocado has to the skin

So how does avocado help the skin?

Acts as a skin moisturizer

Those with dry skin or skin that chap at certain times of the year will be glad to know that avocados will help manage hydration on the epidermal area of the skin. This is made possible by the presence of Oleic Acid whose working is horribly complex. The compound, which is a fatty acid, is also responsible for the regeneration of skin tissue in all parts of the body.

Anti-oxidation properties

Free radicals are some of the most lethal enemies of a smooth, wrinkle and disease-free skin. Anti-oxidants in avocado beat off the efforts of these radicals and ensure that they do not get to the sensitive layers of the skin. Alpha carotenes and beta carotenes in the fruit are highly effective in providing this form of protection.

Bringing on the Vitamins

Avocado is basically an all-around fruit that provides a lot of nutrients to the body of the user, and vitamins are some of the core provisions. Vitamin E is one of those present, and it helps prevent the skin from aging prematurely to the action of radicals and environmental extremities. The Vitamin is available from a variety of sources but is best adopted into the body if the source is natural.

Persea Americana also contains Vitamin C, which is water soluble and has for decades been touted as the ultimate binding force, enabling the skin to manage it’s from, supple and flexible structure.

A soothing effect on the skin

Those who consume avocado agree that it is a natural soother and nourisher of the skin. For this effect to manifest, go with one-half of the fruit a day for a month or so.

While some people prefer to apply avocado, others will simply gobble it up or make smoothies. Still, others mash it up. Guacamole, anyone?

Generally, eating it up is the best way to tap into what the fruit can offer.