3 Amazing Wall Art Ideas for the Living Room

Your living room should be a space where you can spend time with family and friends in comfort. It’s that special space in your home where you spend healing time with yourself too. While there are so many endless possibilities in designing it, it’s essential that it should all come together and create a harmonious space that is a haven of comfort and relaxation.

Aside from the color palette, fixture and furniture, accessories, and furnishings, wall art is a critical design piece to complete your living room’s entire look. It can be used to complement with the different design elements in the living room or be the center of attraction. Regardless the purpose, here are 3 wall art ideas that could liven up your living room:

  • Hang an art centerpiece on your wall space

One of the best ways and most effective, at that, to bring life to your living room is to hang a poster centerpiece. The key to this wall art idea is to pick an appropriate poster and frame according to your living room theme. Pick a large wall art, possibly one that takes up the wall’s width so it will be centered. For example, in a modern theme, choose a poster with crisp, clean lines with a simple color palette. The Blue and White Light Trails abstract poster would flawlessly fit into the criteria of modern art. Slide this poster into a metal or steel frame, and you have your centerpiece!

Blue and White Light Trails
  • Create a wall art collage

Mounting a wall art collage can do so much for your living room. It will bring life into the room, breathing energy and harmony into an entire theme. Building a wall art collage is tricky. To ensure that you get the most out of the collage, there are some fundamental design principles to keep in mind. Go with a specific theme. Try to coordinate colors. If you’re following a certain theme, base it off that. You can also mix light and dark colors, just ensure that there is transition, so it wouldn’t be an eyesore. Never overlap posters. Frames should also match and create a harmonious display. This Golden Gate Bridge poster is a good poster piece for a collage especially if you love travelling or you’re into landscapes.

A Flock of Birds Flying Over the Imposing Golden Gate Bridge
  • Set posters against the wall or on an easel

Take wall art creativity to the next level in your living room by setting up posters against the wall. Alternatively, you can place it on an easel for that artist effect. Make sure to place the poster in a thin frame before easing it on the wall or putting it on the easel. The latter would work best on a large living room as it takes up a lot of space. Several posters can be set up against the wall for maximum effect too. The keyword when choosing the right poster is harmony. It should complement or enhance the living room’s overall styling. This Blue Vintage Car on a Steep Road poster is one awesome wall art for mounting on the wall or on an easel. It will definitely go well with a vintage themed living room!

Blue Vintage Car on a Steep Road

You can buy these affordable wall arts from Artfrill.com. There is a wide selection of wall arts available on Artfrill that you can use to implement these living room designs too.

Remember that your living room should not only be beautiful or comfortable, but it should be both. There’s no limit to your imagination. Get started on designing your living room now with these amazing wall art ideas!