Eating Avocado Daily for Skin

Surprising benefits of Avocado on the skin

For a long time, Avocado was known as a product that only grew and was used in the deep areas of South Central Mexico. Over the years, its usage has spread around the world and the fruit is now available in pretty much every part of the world. It has proven as an effective remedy for a number of issues, and its effect on the skin is widely touted. While some people apply it directly on the skin, others simply eat avocado daily for their skin.

the benefits avocado has to the skin

So how does avocado help the skin?

Acts as a skin moisturizer

Those with dry skin or skin that chap at certain times of the year will be glad to know that avocados will help manage hydration on the epidermal area of the skin. This is made possible by the presence of Oleic Acid whose working is horribly complex. The compound, which is a fatty acid, is also responsible for the regeneration of skin tissue in all parts of the body.

Anti-oxidation properties

Free radicals are some of the most lethal enemies of a smooth, wrinkle and disease-free skin. Anti-oxidants in avocado beat off the efforts of these radicals and ensure that they do not get to the sensitive layers of the skin. Alpha carotenes and beta carotenes in the fruit are highly effective in providing this form of protection.

Bringing on the Vitamins

Avocado is basically an all-around fruit that provides a lot of nutrients to the body of the user, and vitamins are some of the core provisions. Vitamin E is one of those present, and it helps prevent the skin from aging prematurely to the action of radicals and environmental extremities. The Vitamin is available from a variety of sources but is best adopted into the body if the source is natural.

Persea Americana also contains Vitamin C, which is water soluble and has for decades been touted as the ultimate binding force, enabling the skin to manage it’s from, supple and flexible structure.

A soothing effect on the skin

Those who consume avocado agree that it is a natural soother and nourisher of the skin. For this effect to manifest, go with one-half of the fruit a day for a month or so.

While some people prefer to apply avocado, others will simply gobble it up or make smoothies. Still, others mash it up. Guacamole, anyone?

Generally, eating it up is the best way to tap into what the fruit can offer.