Gambling away at norwegian casinos

Gambling Adventure at Norwegian Casinos

As someone who’s involved with the casino industry in quite a few ways, it probably comes as a no surprise that gambling online is one of my hobbies. I don’t do it too often, but every now and then, I like to try my luck with some new slots that come around and hit them while they’re fresh.

A couple of weeks ago, a friend of mine from Norway, whom I actually met through gambling, came to visit. He was only there for a weekend and I used the Saturday night to show him around the city and we hit a few clubs. Unfortunately, things get fairly quiet here after 3:00 AM and seeing how this was the only night we could go out, we weren’t in the mood to go to sleep just yet.

So, figuring out what to do, we figured we could do some gambling (shocking, I know). But, since we don’t have any really good casinos, we grabbed some beers and went back to my place and fired up the laptop. I have a few casinos I usually play at, so I figured I’d just make a deposit (or few) at one of them and we’d have some fun.

However, when he saw what I was about to do, he took the mouse from my hand and said: “no, no, norsk casino er de beste!” Now, my Norwegian isn’t really anything to be proud of, but I know enough to understand he was saying Norwegian casinos are the best. I was too drunk to argue and to me, they’re all the same really, as long as they pay me when I win.

So, I let him took over and he first went to Rizk Casino. I actually knew about Rizk, just never played there, and I knew they were a good one, so I was pleased with his choice. He logged in with his account and he had quite a balance there – I was actually a bit surprised. He went straight to Bonanza and set it up for 50 NOK spins (which is around €5). Now, that game can be really brutal, but we ended up triggering the bonus after just 20 spins, and it was a 5 scatter trigger! It wasn’t a huge one, but it did pay just shy of 20,000 NOK, so pretty decent.

After this, he moved on to Betsson, which seems to have all the games under the sun. He had some money there as well, but it was just around 2,000 NOK. So, he decided to play „reasonable“ spins of 20 NOK on the Book of Dead and despite triggering a couple of bonuses, we ended up busting the balance in about half an hour.

By the time we were done, it was past 5:00 AM, and since he was up nicely, he decided to call it a night. The funniest thing, after he was done, he actually sent me €800 on Skrill as my half of the winnings. We never really discussed it and I don’t think I’d agree on playing €5 spins, because that’s five to ten times higher than my usual stakes, but he insisted.

So, I guess Norwegian casinos are the best?